Wildlife Trips that Combine Volunteering & Adventure

Vancouver, BC | Posted: May 6th, 2016

Wildlife Trips that Combine Volunteering & Adventure


Ready to explore, but also eager to give back? Feeling a little conflicted? These goals can be one and the same with these Volunteer & Adventure tours. These active trips provide plenty of opportunities to get your hands dirty helping field biologists with long-term research projects.

The rest of your time is spent actively exploring your destination, with a variety of tours, outdoor sports, and cultural experiences in the mix. It’s the best of both worlds: An opportunity to contribute to wildlife conservation while indulging your need for adventure.

These are a few of the most popular Volunteer & Adventure tours offered on SEEtheWILD; you can also browse the full listing of Volunteer+Adventure Tours here.

Cocos Island Research Trip: Join the Sea Turtle Restoration Project for a voyage to a species-rich Costa Rican national park renowned for its diving opportunities. You will assist researchers in their long-term studies of marine wildlife by helping to tag sharks, deploy receivers and record data – all while SCUBA diving the stunning undersea environment off uninhabited Cocos Island. This 10-12 day trip starts at $5,720 per person.

Untamed Borneo: Join Wildland Adventures for a multifaceted trip to the island paradise of Borneo. You will explore lush rainforest in search of elephants, birds, and other wildlife; visit centers for the rehabilitation of orangutans and sun bears; and snorkel the warm, sunny shoreline. This 10-day trip starts at $6,195 per person.


Baja Camping and Turtle Research: Explore beautiful Magdalena Bay in Baja as you assist field biologists with Grupo Tortuguero on a long-term sea turtle research project. Your time will be split between kayaking mangrove-lined estuaries, cruising the bay in search of turtles, and walking sea turtle nesting beaches. Opportunities to experience local culture and explore on your own round out this unforgettable experience. Offered by RED Sustainable Travel, this 7-day trip starts at $1,250 per person.

Each of these trips offers energetic travelers like you a plethora of ways to explore your destination. By combining volunteer work with world-class adventure tourism, these vacations allow you to soak in a variety of enriching experiences while making a difference.


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