SEE Marsupials

Are you curious about marsupial facts and looking to find out more about them? Have you been wondering which animals fall into the marsupial category, and maybe even how you can help them?

Firstly, the most common animals that fall under the Marsupial classification are the Kangaroo, Wallaby, Koala, Opossum, Wombat, and Tasmanian Devil. There are, however, around 334 species of marsupials. More than 200 species can be found in Australia and the island north of the continent, about 100 in South America, 13 in Central America, and only 1 in North America.

Learn more about Kangaroos and their babies on this video:


Did you know?

  • Marsupials have a distinct characteristic in that they carry their young in a pouch as they are developing.
  • Marsupials lack what is called “gross communication”. This is the communication between the left and right brain hemispheres
  • Marsupials got the name from the Latin word for pouch or purse, “marsupium”.

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