SEE Elephants

Are you passionate about elephants and want to learn more about them? Are you curious about the different species of elephant and how you can help them?

Did you know there are 3 different species of elephant? They include the African Elephant, Asian Elephant and Forest Elephant. They each have significant distinguishing features, which you'll learn more about through the links below!

Prefer to watch and learn? Watch this National Geographic Documentary about how elephants mourn:

Did you know?

  • An elephant's trunk is a fusion of an upper lip and nose. There are multiple functions for a trunk including breathing, grasping, touching and sound making.
  • An elephant has approximately 6 cycles of tooth rotation in their lifetime.
  • Only the male Asian elephant grows large tusks. Females may grow small ones or none at all.
  • Elephants have been used for warfare, logging, in circuses and entertainment.

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