Tundra North Tours

Tundra North Tours

Tundra North Tours is a specialist Inuit Tour operator based in Inuvik, NWT. Forged from a traditional passion for the Arctic and a desire to share that first-hand with the world, Tundra North offers authentic Nothern Canadian experiences in an environment and culture not found anywhere else on the planet.

Led by Kylik Kisoun Taylor, an Inuvialuit/Gwich’in from Inuvik, Tundra North Tours has been taking visitors on a wide range of year-round expeditions in both the Yukon and the Northwest Territories. “Anyone can take you on a boat trip down the Mackenzie River or picking berries on the tundra,” says Kisoun Taylor. “But we share an intimate look at what it means to be Indigenous.” He is dedicated to sharing the customs, and legacies of his people. “People come here seeking to connect with untouched wilderness and experience other cultures,” Taylor adds. “They leave transformed.”

As experts in the area, Tundra North Tours offers a variety of experiences, and the ability to create custom adventures to suit travelers of all kinds.

Few places are as wild and mystical as Canada’s North. It’s a land made famous by polar bears, trappers, and light. Guests here, bare witness to herds of reindeer in their natural environment. Awe-struck visitors experience the Northern Lights as they dance across the sky. They taste traditional meals, such as smoked fish and native berries in the presence of elders. Welcome tourists learn to make igloos, to play ancient games and to dance, sing and connect with special people and a very special place.