Spookiest Animals in the World

Vancouver, BC | Posted: October 18th, 2019

**This post was originally published on October 26, 2017. It has been updated as of October 18, 2019**

We’ll all agree that nature is nothing short of amazing. It is full of beautiful creatures both great and small. Yet there is another end to the spectrum. Weird, odd, obscure, and frankly, creatures that look like they came straight from our nightmares. With Hallowe’en creeping up on us, we’re in the mood for a little scare. With all of the talk of witches, zombies, and vampires, how about something a little more real?

Here are our picks for Spookiest Animals in the World:

The Aye-Aye

Spookiest Animals

Photo by: Nomis Simon

If you are not familiar with this creature, you need to be! It is definitely one of the spookiest animals I’ve ever seen in the world. They are found only in Madagascar, so unless you visit, you have little chance of running into one. Apart from its enormous eyes, ears, and patchy fur, it has the creepiest hands you’ll ever see. Their fingers serve a purpose but are terrifying to look at.

Goliath Birdeater Tarantula

Spookiest Animals

Photo by: Snakecollector

Did you shudder at every spider scene in the movie “Arachnophobia”? You may want to skip this section. This horrifying 8-legged freak is the largest spider in the world in mass and can have an 11-inch leg span. The spider also has been known to prey on small vertebrates including mice, lizards, snakes and more. They’re found in the northern parts of South America, so if you find yourself there, you may want to check your suitcase before you come home!

Goblin Shark

Spookiest Animals

Photo by: Dianne Bray / Museum Victoria

Here’s a shark that is rarely seen in aquariums or mentioned by nature shows. Found in each of the major oceans around the world, this deep-sea creature has unique sensing organs in its long snout that allow it to detect nearby prey. Its jaws extend quickly allowing it to snatch up its meals and move on to the next. There have been no reports of Goblin Sharks posing a threat to humans, but now you know what lurks below!

Star-nosed Mole

Spookiest Animals

Photo by: Kenneth Catania

What the?! This weirdo looks like it landed here from another planet and is certainly one of the creepiest creatures on EARTH. As the star-nosed mole creeps up from a hole in the ground, you’ll notice it’s long scary claws and star-shaped nose. It can’t see but is the fastest eater in the world. If you ever come face to face with one, it may not be able to see you, but it will definitely know you are there. *Shudders*

Deep-Sea Hatchetfish

Are you having nightmares yet? This is the Deep-Sea Hatchetfish, not to be confused with the fresh-water hatchetfish. It looks as if it has seen one too many horror films, or crime scenes, or just finished the Haunting on Hill House series! It has truly tortured eyes, and we’re pretty sure if you see one face to face, it will suck the life right out of you. That’s probably not true, but just to be safe, you won’t be catching us trying to fact-check that.

What are some of your favourite creepy animals? Do you have any others that we need to add to our list! Let us know!!

Happy Halloween!

Sarah Lafontaine

Sarah Lafontaine

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