Sea Turtle Conservation Around the World

Vancouver, BC | Posted: October 26th, 2018

sea turtle conservation

Sea Turtle Conservation Around the World

Through the years, sea turtles have been the unfortunate victims of the billion-dollar illegal wildlife trade. Whether they are poached for food or their shells for souvenirs, 6 of the 7 species of sea turtles are now critically endangered, endangered or threatened.

Sea turtle conservation is widely becoming one of the most well-known conservation efforts through Latin America, with thousands of active volunteer travelers taking part in programs each year. While some people can only dedicate short periods of time, each volunteer is making a positive impact through their hard work and monetary support to these ongoing programs.

While we are all well-aware of sea turtle conservation projects available in Costa Rica, arguably the most popular destination; there are amazing programs located in many places around the world. The partners we work with at SEEtheWILD are all making big differences to the lives and protection of sea turtles, so you can be sure your contribution is impactful in a positive way!

Here are just some of the wonderful tours, programs and destinations you can visit around the world to help save sea turtles:

Colombia Nature & Culture Tour | SEE Turtles

Work with Hawksbill and Green sea turtles while exploring the vibrant culture, unique history, and stunning natural beauty of Colombia. This trip departs July 27, 2019, and will be lead by the founder of SEE Turtles!

Belize Ocean Wildlife Tour | SEE Turtles

Join a unique opportunity to explore Belize and its magnificent wildlife including sea turtles, dolphins, and even the infamous manatee. This tour includes an opportunity to research and conduct in-water sea turtle surveys and so much more! The departure date for 2019 is July 20th. Don’t miss out!

Costa Rica Turtles, Primates, and Big Cat Conservation | Frontier

If you can’t decide between sea turtle conservation and wildlife conservation, this Frontier project is a perfect balance. This is a unique opportunity to combine your love for all animals and make a real difference in destination.

Sea Turtle Conservation in Costa Rica | Oyster Worldwide

This is a fantastic program with our partners Oyster Worldwide, and a great chance for a volunteer to join from the minimum age of 17. If you have been struggling to find a program that will allow you to volunteer under the age of 18, this is a great project! You’ll work with both adult sea turtles and hatchlings, as well as participate in research, maintenance, and much more!

Turtle Conservation in Guatemala | IVHQ

IVHQ offers a unique chance for volunteers to take part in the protection of sea turtle eggs and sea turtles. You’ll participate in night beach patrols, relocating eggs, beach cleanup efforts, and more. No previous experience in sea turtle conservation is required, so this is a great beginners’ program!

Turtle Conservation in Guatemala | Love Volunteers

Head to a seaside village in Guatemala to help with the fulfilling task of turtle conservation. Meet other volunteers, make friends worldwide, and know you’re making a difference in the future of sea turtles! You’ll work hands-on with other volunteers and biologists in research efforts and more.

Baja Mexico Ocean Wildlife Tour | SEE Turtles

Join SEE Turtles on this exciting tour in Mexico that includes a volunteer component. Departing on March 2, travelers can join this adventure in Mexico’s Baja California Sur and join a Green Turtle study! If you’re planning to visit Mexico, consider something different this year!

Cuba Nature & Culture Tour | SEE Turtles

Cuba is an incredible destination for those looking to escape and relax, but it’s also an amazing destination for those looking to volunteer with sea turtles! SEE Turtles is leading a fantastic tour in August 2019 where participants will have the chance to actively participate in conservation, as well as meet Dr. Julia Azanza!


Sea Turtle Conservation in Greece | GVI

Greece draws millions of visitors each year, but most of them are not aware they are visiting a country that is making a big difference in the protection of sea turtles! Join a turtle conservation program in a quiet fishing town and get to know the local culture in the process! They also operate a program in the summer for teens between the ages of 15-17 for those eager to participate.

Short-Term Internship in Coastal Thailand | GVI

Join GVI on a 4-month internship working in the coastal community of Phang-Nga. This project is crucial to the survival of sea turtles in Thailand and helps provide education to the local community as well. If 4-months is too long, GVI also offers a 2-week program which is extendable for those who are only able to commit to short-term stays.


Turtle Conservation in Bali | IVHQ

In Nusa Penida volunteers can join a fulfilling program working in a conservation center for sea turtles. You’ll take part in the care and feeding of the turtles at the center, as well as, beach cleanups, waste management, and local education. Join IVHQ on this program in paradise!

If you are looking for a more traditional holiday, and in a nation that reveres sea turtles as part of their core identity, and you have the means, we recommend a visit to the Grand Cayman Islands. There are terrific vacation accommodation options in the Cayman Islands and by booking direct you keep more money in the local economy.


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