SAVE Volunteering

SAVE Volunteering

In 2006, SaltyCrax Founder, Carla Ferreira established SAVE Volunteering to help provide support for local communities and schools in her home country, South Africa. SAVE has grown considerably since its beginning, and now provides volunteer assistance to 5 countries across Africa!

In addition to their humanitarian work, they also bring volunteers to tackle the wildlife conservation work to protect and preserve Africa’s iconic wildlife. 

With the help of volunteers, in just the past two years alone, SAVE Volunteering has achieved incredible milestones, including:

  • Growing from a single community-based organisation to an international level
  • Built and opened 3 preschools for 60 children a year
  • Starting several vegetable gardens
  • Starting a computer school with computers donated from volunteers
  • Teaching over 300 children how to swim and over 80 how to surf
  • 8 surf children obtain top 3 positions in local and provincial trials
  • Teaching computer skills to over 1200 children at an underprivileged school
  • Starting construction on a brick school for disabled children
  • Providing training, entrepreneurships and skills development to adults
  • Caring for over 903 animals including, 133 primates, 129 cheetah and 79 African Wild Dog

This wonderful Non-Profit Organization works tirelessly to match volunteers with local and international projects that fit them. Volunteers may choose from wildlife, conservation, and humanitarian programs in Malawi, Uganda, Ghana, Kenya, and Tanzania!