Founded in 2004, SaltyCrax is Cape Town Table View Area’s first backpacker’s accommodation and a recognized Adventure Tour Operator. Founded with a passion for South Africa, SaltyCrax is big on responsible tourism, sustainable travel, and showcasing their love for the country to travelers from all walks of life.

With a variety of packages for the adventure lover, independent traveler, SaltyCrax organizes fantastic options visiting hotspots like Kruger National Park, Cape Town, and Johannesburg. They are happy to work with budget and luxury travelers in developing custom-made itineraries that fit their customers to a T.

The SaltyCrax backpacker accommodation has been rated a 5-star accommodation by the Tourism Grading Council of South Africa. The accommodation is in a well-sought after location, only a few minutes walk from the infamous Kite Beach.

It doesn’t stop there, SaltyCrax founder Carla Ferreira, has also founded SAVE Foundation, a registered Non-Profit Organization that works with local Cape Town communities, uplifting through pre-school, sports developments, and after-school programs.

Through the SAVE Foundation, SAVE Volunteering was also created. This wonderful Non-Profit Organization matches volunteers with local and international projects. Volunteers can choose from wildlife and conservation programs in South Africa, as well as, humanitarian programs in Malawi, Uganda, Ghana, Kenya, and Tanzania.

Whatever your travel style, SaltyCrax has an option for you. Whether you’re looking to get in-depth to the tastes and flavors of South Africa, get your blood-pumping with adrenaline rush activities, lend a hand to wildlife conservation or a community in need, or simply to sit back and relax and enjoy the sights of South Africa, SaltyCrax has your perfect vacation waiting.