Our Whole Village and Katerre are tour companies with a passion for creating experiences. By handpicking the travel experiences, excursions and cultural immersion, travelers can get an in-depth experience for the country they are visiting.

The Our Whole Village experience was forged from a desire to help parents achieve a family vacation that helps to develop children into world citizens. When children are exposed to the differences in culture and economic levels, they can become more compassionate, self-aware and globally aware. These experiences will impact them throughout their lives and are crafted to help take the pressure off of parents.

Katerre offers a variety of travel itineraries that all have a strong focus on the cultures and traditions of the local people in the destinations in which you are traveling. Through expertly designed itineraries, you as the traveler will be fully immersed and able to make deeper connections to the destination and its citizens, wildlife, and environment.

We love that Katerre trips are small-group, low-impact expeditions that have a commitment to protecting the environment, people, and wildlife. In addition, Our Whole Village trips bring families together to make a difference in the world, to rediscover connections to each other and nature, and to travel in a respectful way.