Canada moves to save ‘Jurassic Park Submerged’

Vancouver, BC | Posted: February 23rd, 2017

Canada has created a new 2100 square km Marine Protected Area off of British Columbia’s Central Coast. The protection of the area known as ‘Jurassic Park Submerged’ will help conserve threatened Glass Sponge reefs. The Glass Sponge reefs are over 9000 years old, can reach 8 stories high, and the only ones of its kind on the planet. They provide an entire ecosystem that is relied upon for many unique creatures, including endangered rockfish.

Glass Sponge Reefs

Photo Credit: CPAWS

One of the leading drivers for conserving the area has been the Canadian Parks and Wilderness Society (CPAWS). Sabine Jessen, Program Director for CPAWS notes “The reefs are an international treasure, they are globally unique, incredibly important, and deserving of strong protection so that they can remain a source of awe and wonder for generations to come”. Their tireless efforts advocating for the importance of the region have resulted in what is being hailed as a global success and way forward for grassroots advocacy to shaping environmental policy.

Photo Credit: Neil McDaniel via CBC


Glass Sponge Reefs

Photo Credit: Sally Leys via CPAWS

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Banner Credit: Neil McDaniel via CBC.


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