5 Wildlife Vacations That Don’t Skimp on Luxury

Vancouver, BC | Posted: May 6th, 2016

5 Wildlife Vacations That Don’t Skimp on Luxury

Updated February 19, 2019

drinking wine on an amazon cruiseViewing wildlife and assisting conservation efforts do not have to come at the expense of comfort. On the luxury vacations offered on SEEtheWILD, you can enjoy exemplary tours, stunning destinations, and comfortable accommodations – all while making a difference for wildlife. You will also enjoy opportunities to view endangered species and learn about these incredible animals.

Feel good about where your accommodations and services come from: we work with responsible tour operators, lodges and other businesses in order to strengthen local economies and emphasize the importance of preserving wildlife to local communities.

The following five trips are some of our most popular luxury tours; you can also browse our full selection of luxury tours on our website.

Alaska by Sail: Aboard the schooner Maple Leaf, you will explore Alaska’s rugged coast, with opportunities to view Steller sea lions, humpback whales, otters, and more. Along the way, you will hike, kayak and enjoy a soak in natural hot springs. Each evening, you will retire into the comfortable quarters of the ship and enjoy gourmet meals featuring local wild edibles. Read a first-hand account of this trip in WildHope Feature Stories. These trips last 11+ days and start at $10,870 CAD per personImage of child in Bhutan

Great African Primate Expedition: Delve into the jungle of Uganda with Natural Habitat Adventures in search of mountain gorillas, chimpanzees, and other wildlife. Accompanied by expert naturalist guides, you will tour world-famous parks such as Bwindi Impenetrable Forest, known for its high concentration of gorillas. The trip is not all about wildlife, though; you will also get a glimpse of local culture as you visit villages and farms. This once-in-a-lifetime trip starts at $8,495 per person for a 10-day adventure.

Natural Jewels of Bhutan and Nepal: This Natural Habitat Adventures expedition takes you into the heart of two magical Himalayan countries. On your journey, you will explore cultural landmarks such as monasteries and palaces, stunning mountain landscapes, and several national parks. You will enjoy myriad opportunities to view and photograph tigers, elephants, rhinos, and other wildlife in these reserves. The 13-day trip starts at $7,895 per person

Tanzania: The Great Migration: Visit some of the world’s best wildlife hotspots on a sustainable safari with Reefs to Rockies. Accompanied by naturalist guides, you will explore Serengeti National Park and Ngorongoro Crater in the search for elephants, lions, zebras, wildebeest and more. Options abound for the active traveler, including walking safaris, game drives, horseback riding, and cultural activities. This 9-day safari starts at $5,460 per personimage of gorilla in uganda

Untamed Borneo: Lounging in luxurious ecolodges by night and exploring wildlife hotspots by day, you will enjoy all this stunning island has to offer on this Wildland Adventures expedition. You will move from rainforest to coast as you seek out orangutans, sun bears, monkeys, elephants, and more. Opportunities to tour research stations and talk with wildlife biologists will round out this exhilarating educational experience. This 11-day excursion starts at $6195 per person.

No matter if you want to explore Asian jungles or icy Alaskan shorelines, there are myriad opportunities to travel to wildlife hotspots in style. From classic schooners with well-equipped quarters to ecolodges over reefs in Borneo, you will enjoy luxurious accommodations – and make a difference at the same time. Not a bad deal, if you ask me!

Siew Te Wong and orphaned bear cub borneo by chris morgan

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