African Lion Safaris

African Lion Safaris

Responsible African Safaris Straight Out of Your Wildest Dreams

Imagine stepping out onto the African plains and looking over to the east where you see a pride of lions sunbathing in the distance. Snap a photo. Looking straight ahead onto the horizon, you witness towering giraffes feeding on the greenery around them. Snap a photo. Over to the west, you suddenly see a herd of massive African elephants traveling across the terra. Snap a photo.

The must-do of wildlife experiences, African Safaris are increasingly popular for travelers from all over the world. For the conscious traveler, eco-friendly, responsible and sustainable safaris are difficult to find amongst all of the options that exist across the internet. That’s why we’re here!

SEEtheWILD only partners with African Safari Operators that operate ethically. Each operator must meet the Wildlife Guidelines and many of them have taken the KEEPitWILD Pledge. This means that each tour we’ve listed puts the health, safety, and wellness of the animals, as well as the environment, first.

When is the best time to go on an African Safari?

Depending on the country you choose for your safari, the best wildlife viewing times are generally July to October. However, this does vary depending on the experience you wish to have.

Perhaps you’re traveling to Kenya and would like to witness the Great Migration, where millions of wildebeest, gnu, and zebra cross the Mara plains. For this trip, you’ll want to travel between July and October. The Masai Mara in Kenya has the highest number of lions in Africa, making it one of the more popular places to take an African Lion Safari. Time your safari with the Great Migration in order to see the most lions!

The Great Migration also occurs in Tanzania in February to March. This is a fascinating time for visitors to have the chance to see newly born wildebeest and zebra. In turn, you’re more likely to see African Lions at this time, as they will often hunt in these areas.

If your visit to Zambia or Zimbabwe includes a visit to Victoria Falls, the most spectacular time to visit is in March and April just after the big rains! Feel the mist of the falls wash over you after a long, hot day out on the game reserves. Don’t forget your camera!

Visiting Botswana, you’ll want to wait for the drier times, between June and September. You have the chance to witness massive herds of animals as they surround the Okavango Delta. This is the opportunity of a lifetime to see thousands of animals all at once as they take a break and cool down in the waters.

If South Africa is on your bucket list, we have loads of options. It’s an easily accessible destination most times of the year, because of its infrastructure. June to September is a very popular time to go because the weather is ideal at this time. South Africa is home to Kruger National Park, a well-known place for travelers to see Africa’s Big Five.

So, wherever you choose to go and whatever the experience you’re looking for, we have you covered. Have a look through our African Lion Safari options and find the one that fits you and your travel style like a glove!

African Lion Safaris