Whale Shark Diving

Whale Shark Diving

Dive Deep and Swim Among The World’s Largest Fish

For a diver, there are few things nearer the top of your bucket-list than diving with Whale Sharks. These gentle giants of the sea have captivated the admiration of humans all over the world, and after seeing them in person, it is no wonder why.

The sheer size of the whale shark is hard to imagine until you see one up close. Growing up to 41 feet in length and weighing up to 47,000 lbs, they are the biggest fish in the sea. So how can you see them in the wild? We’re here to help!

SEEtheWILD is a community of animal lovers who work with partners that operate responsible and wildlife friendly tours. They all adhere to a “wildlife code of conduct” or Wildlife Guidelines. We also created the KEEPitWILD Pledge in which our partners, travel media influencers, and citizens can pledge to help keep wildlife wild for generations to come.

When is the best time to go Whale Shark Diving?

Whale Sharks arrive at different areas of the world at different times of the year, so seeing them in the wild is possible year-round.

In Mexico, at Isla Holbox, whale sharks arrive to feed and mate between June and September.

In Belize, it is possible to see whale sharks between April and May. Some say they are most often seen in the days after a full moon.

In Honduras, a popular place to dive and see whale sharks is between March and April.

In Mozambique at Tofo Beach from October to March, it is possible to see groups of 50 or more!

In the Maldives, you may see whale sharks off and on throughout the year.

In South Mahe, Seychelles, migrations occur between August and November.

In Donsol Bay, Philippines, whale sharks arrive between November and June, with the highest concentration between February and April.

In Western Australia, whale sharks feed between March and July at Ningaloo Reef.

Take a look through our listings which give you opportunities to see whale sharks and even swim alongside them, safely. These partners put the well-being of whale sharks first, and are proud to offer sustainable tours to travelers the world over! Rest assured, by making the right choice of a tour operator, you’re making a difference and helping to maintain whale shark populations. Because, who wants to live in a world without giants?


Whale Shark Diving