Tracking Sea Turtles in the Bahamas

Tracking Sea Turtles in the Bahamas

Price From: 3,295 USD


Operator: Earthwatch

Price From:  3,295 USD

Program duration: 9 days

Trip Dates: 01-06-2017,31-07-2017

Designed specifically for teens aged 15-18 years, this fun-filled expedition will be sure to make your summer one to remember!

Join Earthwatch Institute on a 9-day expedition that brings like-minded teens together to learn about the conservation efforts being made to save green & hawksbill sea turtles. You’ll have the opportunity to work alongside researchers by snorkeling and boating in the turquoise waters, exploring mangrove creeks, coral reefs and seagrass beds.



Day 1:

Arrival, welcome, research overview

Days 2–8:

Fieldwork: snorkeling and boating to spot turtles and make habitat measurements. One free day will likely happen during this period

Day 9: Departure

Not Available

Country Fast Facts

Country Fast Facts


Flag  Flag_of_the_Bahamas.svg
Continent: North America
Official Language(s) English
Capital: Nassau
Population 392,718 (2015 estimate)
Climate(s) Tropical Savannah
Major Airport(s): Lynden Pindling International Airport(NAS), Grand Bahama International Airport (FPO)
Economic Driver(s): Tourism, Offshore Banking



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