The Ultimate Kayak Tour

The Ultimate Kayak Tour

Price From: 879 USD


Operator: San Juan Kayak Expeditions

Price From:  879 USD

Ideal Age Range: 19 to 30, 31 to 50

Fitness Needs: Moderately Fit

Program duration: 5 days

Trip Dates: 28-06-2019,12-07-2019,27-07-2019,14-08-2019,27-08-2019,09-09-2019

Here’s a fantastic opportunity to join a top quality kayaking trip in the beautiful San Juan Islands. With opportunities to see Orca Whales breaching in their natural habitats, this trip is the chance of a lifetime. 

Over the next 5 days, you’ll stay in stunning remote campsites, visit beautiful coastlines, and have an incredible adventure. While Orca Whales are one of the amazing wildlife you may see, you also have the chance to see massive Humpback Whales, lazy Stellar & California Sea Lions, playful Harbor Seals, cheeky Dall’s and Harbor Porpoises, sneaky River Otters, soaring Bald Eagles, and much more!

Your trip includes top of the line kayaks and other equipment, delicious breakfasts and dinners, tents, hammocks, instruction, all the cooking gear and a load of incredible experience. You’ll be lead by a company with almost 40 years of experience, and guides who know the waters, coastlines, and wildlife like the backs of their hands. They pride themselves on being the best in the industry by offering the lowest carbon footprint. 

Over the course of the five days, you’ll explore several of the San Juan Islands, including Orca Island, Sucia Island, Clark Island among others. You’ll have opportunities to explore the islands on foot, hiking circumference trails, and by kayak, as well as to see towering Mt. Baker from the sea! These awe-inspiring views and chances to see wildlife in the wild will make this trip your favorite travel experience yet!





Day 1: Paddle to Jones Island

Today you will meet at the Sea Kayak Center Kiosk prepare for the paddle to Turn Island. 

You'll be shuttled to Griffin Bay where you'll receive detailed instructions and get packed for the trip. 

Today you will cross the San Juan Channel to Shaw Island where you will enjoy a lunch at Hidden Cove. Continuing on to Neck Point and Yellow Island Nature Preserve where you will enjoy a beautiful hike. Once you reach Jones Island you'll set up camp and enjoy a sunset hike. 

Day 2: Paddle to Sucia Island

Get ready to cross Spring Passage over to Orca Island where you'll visit Pt. Doughty. Here, you'll take a beautiful beach break and enjoy the stunning backdrop of Mt. Baker in the distance. From here you'll have the amazing views of the Canadian Gulf Islands!

Later, cross over to Sucia Island where you'll camp in Snoring Cove. Enjoy a hike of the island or hop in your kayak to explore it by sea. 

Day 3: Paddle to Clark Island

Day 3 you will start off with a paddle to Matia Island to explore a circumference trail and an old growth forest. Pop back into your kayak and paddle to Puffin Island. Later you'll cross over to Clark Island where you have a chance to set up camp and explore on foot. 

Day 4: Obstruction Pass

Today you will enjoy a stunning paddle to Orcas Island, Point Lawrence and then on to Doe Bay. After filling up your water, you'll continue the paddle to Deer Point, then into Obstruction Pass. You'll camp here in a state park.

Tonight enjoy a sunset paddle to Obstruction Island.

Day 5: Return to Griffin Bay

Enjoy today's action-packed kayaking adventure as you cross Eastsound to Diamond Point, then cross Harney Channel to Shaw Island. You'll then paddle to Canoe Island then have lunch on the beach in the San Juan Channel. 

After lunch, cross over to Turn Island for a stunning hike, before returning to Griffin Bay and the end of this incredible adventure!

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