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Teen Travel Programs that Create Impact

Specially-designed teen camps and programs are an exciting option for teens aged 15-18 to come together and meet other like-minded peers who are keen to make a difference. If your teen is passionate about the environment and wildlife, help them do something different this summer and join a safe, fun & educational program tailored specifically for teens!

These trips are curated specifically to offer teens the opportunity to become compassionate citizen scientists, wildlife and environmental activists. In many instances, there are community service components incorporated in the itinerary. Through learning about and participating in research, skills training, and travel, teens can work together to make a big impact and a big difference in the world. Parents can rest easy knowing that their teens are well supervised, safe, and taking part in something truly memorable.

Whether it is taking part in beach patrols, cleaning up important habitats, collecting data, or lending a hand in the local community, every action has a lasting and meaningful influence on the destination they are visiting. Teens will learn no matter how small the task, they are all part of supporting the existence of wildlife species for generations to come.

Experiences you can have with teen travel programs:

Saving sea turtles in Greece

Greece is an incredible place to travel, and a mecca for those interested in history. For teens, Greece makes for a fun, safe, and memorable travel experience, especially when meeting with like-minded teens. At this sea turtle conservation program, teens aged 15-17 will work together to help protect loggerhead sea turtles which are endangered.

These two weeks will be some of the most unforgettable weeks of your life! As you take part in a beach cleanup, patrols, bamboo harvesting, camp duty, and environmental education with locals, you will be a piece of all of the moving parts that make this program successful.

You’ll stay in safe and basic accommodation with delicious meals included in your program. Enjoy included cultural activities on the weekend and much more. Consider joining GVI this summer at their program in Giannitsochori, Greece, a historic coastal village. Be prepared to get your hands dirty, work hard, and have a whole lot of fun!

Learn to scuba dive & protect marine life in Mexico

Teens all over the world dream of traveling to Mexico and exploring its picture-perfect beaches, tasting its flavourful cuisine, and making new friends from around the globe. This program is the perfect way to do all of this, but also make a difference!

Through participating in this program, you will have the opportunity to gain your PADI open-water diving certificate, learn to identify different marine species, and gain skills in marine conservation. You’ll participate in surveys, data collection, beach cleanup, and have plenty of opportunities to explore ancient Mayan ruins and Mexican culture.

This program is available as a 1-week Spring Break option, as well as a 2-week Summer Vacation trip with GVI.

Protect wildlife in South Africa

The animals in Africa are some of the most iconic species in the world. If you’ve always dreamed of seeing lions, elephants, zebras, and more, this program is the one for you! If you’ve dreamed of protecting various species through conservation, or Dr. Jane Goodall is your idol, this program is perfect for you!

Taking part in this program offers many opportunities to gain skills in conservation and learn what a career in conservation is like. Be prepared to work hard, get your hands dirty, and participate in tasks of many types. Whether you are working to help educate the local community, helping with community development, embarking on safari game drives, identifying animals and collecting data, each small act makes a difference.

You’ll have the chance to meet other teens and make lifelong friends, creating unforgettable memories you will carry through life. These two weeks will be some of the most formative weeks you’ll experience. Consider this summer experience with GVI in South Africa.

Help whales and dolphins in Costa Rica

If you are a teen, aged 15-17, and are passionate about whales and dolphins, and are eager to travel to the gorgeous country of Costa Rica, you will not want to miss this opportunity.

Over the course of 9 days, you will have the fulfilling experience of working alongside researchers to collect information about the pan-tropical spotted dolphin, the bottlenose dolphin, and the humpback whale. You will help observe population size, social interactions, and preferred habitats in order to learn how to best conserve these species.

You will visit a part of Costa Rica that is less traveled by tourists in a safe and supervised environment. When not taking part in project activities, you will have many opportunities to relax and enjoy the laid-back vibes of Costa Rica. Pura Vida!

Join Earthwatch Institute in Costa Rica this summer where you will stay in a family-run eco-lodge in a tropical forest setting. No experience in conservation is necessary!

Research, track and protect sea turtles in the Bahamas

Dive into the crystal blue waters of the Bahamas and swim alongside sea turtles at this research program. Green sea turtles and hawksbill sea turtles are in danger and although they are a protected species in the Bahamas, they are still at threat by climate change and coastal development.

Spend 9 days assisting researchers to discover more about the turtles’ habitats and locations in order to help protect them. Through fun activities like snorkeling in coral reefs, exploring mangrove creeks and seagrass beds, you will help to locate the important habitats these turtles need to develop and thrive.

Join Earthwatch on this life-changing trip made just for teens between the ages of 15 and 18.

Teen Travel Programs