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Shark Threats What are the main shark threats? Sharks are endangered as an exclusive result of human impacts and activities. Today, the main shark threats […]

VANCOUVER, BRITISH COLUMBIA, July 7, 2016 The week of July 14 is designated National Shark Awareness Week. For over 400 million years, preceding dinosaurs by […]

HAMMERHEAD SHARK FACTS Scientific name: Sphyrnidae (Sphyrna mokarran – Great Hammerhead) Conservation Status: Endangered Lifespan: 20-30 years Mass: Up to 450 kg (1000 lbs) Length: […]

MANTA RAY FACTS Scientific name: Manta Mass: Giant oceanic manta ray: 1,600 kg Conservation Status: Vulnerable Lifespan: Up to 50 years Length: 5.5 – 7 […]

Whale Shark Facts Are you interested in reading whale shark facts? Here are a few interesting things to know: The scientific name of whale sharks […]

5 Volunteer Vacations That Protect Wildlife *Updated February 13, 2019* Did you grow up wishing you were like Jacques Cousteau, a marine biologist, observing the […]