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A group of University of Zurich researchers has found a link between heatwaves and declining birth rates in dolphins. Dolphins, like polar bears, sea turtles, […]

After 4 years of sitting in legislation, the Common’s fisheries committee has passed a bill banning captive whales and dolphins in Canada. Known as Bill […]

Exciting news has been released Thursday from Expedia, Inc., much to the relief of wildlife lovers around the globe. The company has announced that they […]

Humans have long overlooked the emotional intelligence of the animal world; quietly ambivalent to the grief, the sorrow, the happiness and joy that are built […]

Turtles, Dolphins, and… Scarlet Macaws? October 06, 2014 Our group of amateur marine biologists milled on a quiet Costa Rican beach, anxious to head out […]

Loving Dolphins to Death in Zanzibar August 20, 2014 Last year, I had the distinct privilege of spending 4 months studying abroad on the beautiful […]