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Wildlife has been around for millennia, serving so many purposes such as balancing the eco-system, as nature’s spectacle for tourists and serving as a guiding […]

Ladakh the Snow Leopard Capital of the World In the north of India, between Pakistan and China, lies the state of Jammu and Kashmir. A […]

A group of University of Zurich researchers has found a link between heatwaves and declining birth rates in dolphins. Dolphins, like polar bears, sea turtles, […]

After 4 years of sitting in legislation, the Common’s fisheries committee has passed a bill banning captive whales and dolphins in Canada. Known as Bill […]

Alaska Ecotourism Experiencing Alaska’s Beauty Through Ecotourism Alaska’s beautiful nature is home to eight separate national parks and nearly a hundred additional state parks. Renowned throughout the […]

About Koalas The koala is native only to Australia and can be found on the nation’s eastern side from northern Queensland to Adelaide in South […]