Spitsbergen In Depth: Big Islands, Big Adventure

Spitsbergen In Depth: Big Islands, Big Adventure

Price From: 7,895 USD


Operator: Quark Expeditions

Price From:  7,895 USD

Ideal Age Range: 19 to 30, 31 to 50, Over 51

Fitness Needs: Light Impact

Program duration: 13 days

Discover the Arctic as if you were a real explorer! 

Over the next 13-days, your exploration route will be determined by the search for bears, wildlife, and the ever-changing weather and pack ice. Your main goal is to find polar bears and other iconic wildlife including the Arctic Fox. The route follows the areas that polar bears often hunt and fish, and the explorations you conduct onshore will give you amazing chances to see the wildlife in their natural habitats.

Experience the “land of the midnight sun” as you sail through the fjords of Spitsbergen and rustic coastlines of this arctic paradise.

Enjoy a hike through the arctic tundra, exploring the glacier mountains. Then, sail through icy seas and witness the jaw-dropping surroundings.  

This trip is made for wildlife lovers and those who love to capture their beauty with a camera! There are unlimited chances to take incredible photos of the inspiring landscapes and playful wildlife.




Day 1: Embarkation Day in Longyearbyen, Norway

Start your journey and board your ship in Longyearbyen, Norway's largest settlement. Enjoy the incredible view of the island's rugged, glacier-topped mountains as they rise from the icy waters!

Days 2-12: Circumnavigating Spitsbergen

Each day you'll embark on a new adventure as you begin the circumnavigation by travelling north around the island of Spitsbergen. Along the way you'll explore smaller, outlying islands. You'll gaze in awe as you witness the array of wildlife and geological formations of the area. 

If conditions are favorable, you will not only circumnavigate Spitsbergen, you'll also attempt to circumnavigate the entire Svalbard archipelago. 

Visit sites like Ny London, Sundneset, and Alkhornet where you'll see reindeer. Phippsoya and Isbukta are two sites you'll explore to witness Polar Bears. 

While on your journey you'll learn more about the culture of Spitsbergen, not just how they live today but how the land was first explored. Whaling was a key industry of this island and you'll even see 16th century blubber ovens and other evidence at sites like Smeerenburg. 

Day 13: Depart Longyearbyen

Return to Longyearbyen where you'll have a chance to say goodbye to your new friends. Return to the airport for your flight home or onto your next destination! 

Country Fast Facts

Country Fast Facts


Flag  flag_of_norway-svg
Continent: Europe
Official Language(s) Norweigan, Sami
Capital: Oslo
Population 5,214,900
Climate(s) Tundra, Subarctic, Subpolar
Major Airport(s): Oslo Gardermoen Airport (OSL), Bergen Airport (BGO),
Economic Driver(s): Resources, Oil Fields,



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