Snow Leopard treks in India and Nepal

Snow Leopard treks in India and Nepal

Track For “Ghosts” On A Snow Leopard Trek in India and Nepal

Well known as the “ghost of the mountains”, Snow Leopards have mystified humans all over the world. Thousands of travelers visiting India and Nepal each year, hope to catch even a glimpse of these elusive animals, without much luck.

Over the last several years, researchers have been collecting data, looking for sightings, capturing images on camera traps, all in efforts to learn more about the snow leopard, which is estimated to have a population of less than 7,000 in the wild.

A Snow Leopard Trek in India or Nepal does not guarantee you a sighting, but it does guarantee you a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to fuel your inner explorer and experience views unlike anywhere else in the world.

SEEtheWILD is extremely proud to work with incredible partners that offer world-class experiences in the regions home to Snow Leopards. Whether it is trekking for leisure and the desire to catch a hopeful glimpse, or participating in a data collection journey where you’ll assist with conservation efforts, we are working with the best tour operators out there.

When is the best time to travel on a Snow Leopard Trek?

The best time of year to join a Snow Leopard Trek in Nepal is between November and March. January is the coldest month, but the temperatures are warmer in March. Most treks will operate during these time frames, however, they are often other treks that operate outside of these months in other areas where the conditions are more favorable.

You’ll absolutely want to make sure you pack a camera, the views of which you have to look forward to are second to none, and should you spot a snow leopard, you’ll be among few that have captured the images.

Have a look at our collection of Snow Leopard Treks and find the one that fits you best. With each one, you can rest assured you are traveling with a company that puts the well-being of the animals first, and that the footprints you leave behind are mainly in the snow!


Snow Leopard treks in India and Nepal