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Quark Expeditions

Quark Expeditions

In 1991, global travelers Lars Wiklander and Mike McDowell joined an Arctic voyage, and as they took a deep frosty breath and established their awe-struck presence on the North Pole, Quark Expeditions was borne.

Since the outset, Quark Expeditions has been an organization of firsts and have grown to become the recognized global leader in polar adventures. As they look back in the rearview mirror they have enabled thousands of explorers to share the same polar awe and the same life-changing moments that forged Quark Expeditions in 1991.

With a specialized focus solely on polar adventures, Quark Expeditions are the experts in the regions and have attained the following exciting achievements and accolades, among many others:

  • Northeast Passage – Quark Expeditions completed the first tourism transit of the historic route across the Russian Arctic
  • Quark Expeditions led the first non-scientific visit to the emperor penguin rookeries
  • Quark Expeditions completed the first circumnavigation of Antarctica for commercial passengers
  • Quark Expeditions made polar history by landing at Saunders Island in the South Sandwich Islands Breaking records and new water aside, what we appreciate most about Quark Expeditions is their commitment to the environment.

Their strong sustainability Initiatives including better fuel choices, thoughtful recycling/reusing programs, and support for in-destination charities. Their vessels use MGO (Marine Gas Oil) in all of their vessels which burns far cleaner and sustains a far lower emission factor.

Onboard, guests can rest easy knowing that Quark uses eco-friendly cabin amenities and laundry chemicals, as well as acid-free, recycled papers.

The local wildlife is a big part of any polar adventure, and experiencing animals in the native habitat is a big part of any adventure. Quark Expeditions is a steady supporter of Polar Bears International, an organization that is dedicated to the conservation of polar bears and their homes. Additionally, they are active supporters of other amazing organizations and projects such as Clean Up Svalbard, Underwater Bait Setter, The South Georgia Heritage Trust, and Penguin Lifelines.

For Quark Expeditions the ends of the earth aren’t just another place to visit, it’s a lifestyle worth fighting for.

Find out more by visiting this link: www.quarkexpeditions.com/en/about-quark/our-sustainability-initiatives.