Orangutan Tours in Borneo

Orangutan Tours in Borneo

Experience A Culture and Help Protect A Species on an Orangutan Tour in Borneo

Orangutans are most recognized for their orange fur and long, strong arms. They are found in both Borneo and Sumatra but are critically endangered and in danger of being extinct. Because of human interference, orangutans are losing their natural habitat to deforestation, and are victims of poaching and the illegal pet trade.

Wildlife lovers around the world, like yourself, are actively taking part in conservation efforts to protect orangutans, meanwhile, tourism often interferes and causes more harm than good. So how can you see orangutans without negatively impacting their habitats and well-being? We’re here to help!

SEEtheWILD is proud to partner with tour operators that actively participate in responsible and sustainable travel. They understand the delicate balance of catering to the traveler while maintaining a light footprint on the communities and destinations they visit. This ensures that you can make smart choices, protect the environments of the wildlife you hope to see and have an incredible travel experience.

When is the best time to travel to Borneo and see Orangutans?

The best time to visit Borneo is during the dry season which runs from March to October. The weather tends to get quite hot and humid before the rainy season hits, so if you’re hoping for a mostly dry visit, stick to that guideline.

Taking a tour with one of our partners will help to pick great times to go, as well as, offer you a simple way of getting around Borneo. They also offer the opportunity to see orangutans up close and experience the rich local culture.

It’s important when traveling to see wildlife, that you and the tour operator stick to Wildlife Guidelines, which is why our partners have taken the KEEPitWILD Pledge. If you are an animal lover and want to help protect them, consider taking the pledge to keep wildlife wild.

So if seeing orangutans, experiencing a culture and a brand new country is your jam, we’d love to help. Take a peek through our Borneo Orangutan Tours and start planning your next vacation with one of our incredible partners!


Orangutan Tours in Borneo