Natural Jewels of Bhutan & Nepal

Natural Jewels of Bhutan & Nepal


Program duration: 13 weeks

Find the perfect balance between culture and wildlife with this adventure through the Himalayas. Most famous for it’s rich buddhist traditions, Bhutan also has a lot to offer with stunning landscapes and abundant wildlife. Visit the Motithang Takin Reserve where you will see Bhutan’s national animal, the Takin, along with other wildlife.

With a variety of landscapes, Nepal is a home to numerous species especially in the Chitwan National Park located in the lowlands of Terai. Search for rhinoceros, crocodiles, monkeys, sloth bears, wild boar, leopards, wild elephants, and bengal tigers. Experience the natural wonder of Bhutan and Nepal with guided walks, hikes, and canoe rides.


Photo Credit: Eric Rock

Country Fast Facts

Country Fast Facts


Flag Flag_of_Bhutan.svg
Continent: Asia
Official Language(s) Dzongkha
Capital: Thimphu
Population 742,737 (2012 estimate)
Climate(s) Cold Semi-arid, Continental (Temperate/Humid/Cool/Subarctic), Subtropical (Humid)
Major Airport(s): Paro International Airport (PBH)
Economic Driver(s): Agriculture, Energy, Tourism, Financial Sector



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