Natural Habitat Adventures

Natural Habitat Adventures

Natural Habitat Adventures

Natural Habitat Adventures is dedicated to providing their guests with the planet’s greatest nature expeditions. You won’t find European river cruises or Egyptian pyramid tours among their offerings, though those are wonderful travel experiences. Instead, they focus solely on nature travel which, simply put, makes them good at it.

With Natural Habitat Adventures you can come face-to-face with a giant polar bear, look directly into the eye of a friendly gray whale, and sit among a family of mountain gorillas, all in the company of skilled naturalist guides.

Making A Difference

Natural Habitat Adventures’ product is an exploration to the farthest corners of the pristine natural world. They have the great privilege of showing their guests the wonders of our beautiful planet, with unparalleled access to amazing wildlife, diverse cultures, and the world’s most extraordinary landscapes. They believe that travel has the power to protect wildlife, benefit communities, and preserve cultural heritage — principles they view not only as their goal, but their responsibility.

Since their inception in 1985, Natural Habitat Adventures has been a global leader in the field of sustainable travel and ecotourism. Led by a team of passionate conservationists, their commitment to these principles runs deep within the company ethos and manifests throughout the office and field operations. They’re proud to have initiated a number of “industry firsts,” and continue to push their company and partners to be leaders in sustainable tourism.

Examples of their commitment to conservation travel include:

Carbon Neutral Travel: NHA was the first 100% carbon neutral travel company;

Partnership with the World Wildlife Fund: Through a unique partnership, NHA has donated more than $2 million to WWF’s programs since 2003;

Reducing their environmental impacts: NHA is working to green its fleet of vehicles, eliminate the use of plastic on tours, promote alternative transportation, powering their office with solar energy, and more.