A unique way to explore rural India through responsible toursim. 

Nativefolks is a social enterprise that is passionate about connecting culturally sensitive travelers to the diverse and culturally rich communities of India. They are working towards the identification and development of these communities and are driven to empower and uplift them socially and economically.  

Nativefolks works closely with the communities, NGO’s, and Corporate CSR programs to develop eco-projects. They offer experiential and participatory learning programs for students to engage them intellectually, ethically, and socially. 

Traveling to India tops many bucket lists and can be a daunting trip to plan if you know not what to expect. The country is the second most populated in the world and amidst all of its chaos, is a country full of rich cultural diversity, centuries-old traditions, flavourful cuisine, and beauty unlike anywhere in the world. 

Through carefully curated itineraries, travelers can explore the rural villages of India and experience true cultural immersions. 

By choosing to travel with Nativefolks, you are choosing a responsible, respectful way of seeing India. You are making a conscious decision to learn about and celebrate this vibrant country and all it has to offer and to become a more socially aware citizen of the world.