Marine Volunteers

Marine Volunteers

Based in Kleinbaai in the Western Cape of South Africa, Marine Volunteers was founded by marine conservationist, Wilfred Chivell. Chivell, a well-known spear fisherman and wreck diver, is committed to addressing the changes that are slowly affecting the waters of South Africa.

Marine Volunteers has a speciality in Great White Shark diving adventures and was founded in the late 1990’s. In 2005, Chivell bought the company and privatized the business. The business is involved in numerous efforts including marine conservation, marine research, and marine life education projects.

With a team of shark lovers and marine biologists, Marine Volunteers works to bring education to clients first and foremost on expeditions and volunteer projects. Through the collection of data, daily, the team is able to assess the impacts on Great White sharks as well as other species.

Volunteering with Marine Dynamics’ International Marine Volunteers project ensures that visitors are experiencing a range of wildlife, participating in conservation and community programs, learning about sharks, and having the amazing adventure in the white shark capital of the world!