Lost World Adventures

Lost World Adventures

For more than 25 years, Lost World Adventures has been creating and operating customized tours for travelers looking to get the most out of their holidays.

Travelers can expect expertly crafted itineraries, built by travelers with first-hand experience and a passion for adventure! Part of the process is to get to know a traveler’s preferences and interests in order to build a one-of-a-kind experience that is perfectly suited!

Our review of Lost World Adventures:

Lost World Adventures is known for digging deep. They are the tour organization you go to when you want local context and local connections.

They have been specializing in tours to Latin America and Antartica for close to 30 years, and have expanded into the Caribbean, as well as select destinations like Iceland, Croatia, and Morocco.

Lost World Adventures works with every client to make sure their expectations are managed, their itinerary is thoughtful, and the experiences are respectful of both local customs, and sensitive habitat.

Additionally, they accommodate guests with unique needs such diet and mobility, ideal for those of us with old knees that require a little more time and help to get around.

If you are reading this you likely believe travel is special, and all too often there isn’t enough time in the year or funds in the account to do and see everything. Making every moment count, and giving their guests remarkable value, is everything to this organization.

From top to bottom, their team is friendly, helpful and confident that choosing Lost World Adventures will be the right choice for you.

Whether someone wants culture, history, wildlife, a little luxury, or a lot of cardio, they have something for everyone. We are proud to call them friends – these are the good guys that were born to host travelers like you.