After completing a Masters Degree in Finance and Management in 2006, founder of IVHQ, Dan Radcliffe, took a corporate job in New Zealand. Realizing that the corporate world was not for him, Dan promptly left the job after only 3 days and went on to work on his family’s farm for 6 months. Over these months, he was able to save money and decided to travel and volunteer abroad. 

While searching for volunteer programs, Dan was surprised by the lack of affordable options and ultimately joined the most reliable and least expensive option he could find. In August 2006, Dan made his way to Kenya and while he enjoyed his overall experience, the discrepancy between the price he paid and the actual cost was frustrating from a volunteer standpoint. This is where the seeds of IVHQ began to be sowed. 

After returning to New Zealand in early 2007, Dan took out a loan using the family farm as leverage, and registered IVHQ, had a website built, and visited Kenya, Thailand, Nepal, and Vietnam to craft partnerships, screen organizations, and select & train local teams.

The core values and mission of IVHQ are to provide people with quality, affordable, and responsible volunteer opportunities while maintaining volunteer safety. They remain responsible to the local communities and the environment and are always willing to talk openly about issues and challenges surrounding responsible tourism. 

The volunteer programs offered by IVHQ remain high quality, affordable, and responsible and enable travelers to visit places like Phnom Penh, Nairobi, and Rio de Janiero while participating in programs like Teaching, Construction, and Turtle Conservation, among many others!