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Intern Africa

Intern Africa

Intern Africa helps social impact, environmental conservation, and wildlife rehabilitation program partners in Southern Africa. Most of our local partnerships are other non-profit, NGO or charitable organizations that lack public and government funding to make the change they trying to achieve. This is the role Intern Africa plays with these organizations. Support and augment.

You will find a variety of vetted volunteer programs. Once you have found a project that meets your needs and passions, Intern Africa will assist you in your planning, accommodation, meals, transportation, and give travelers 24/7 support in the destination. 

Founded by two adventurous Dutchmen, with an enthusiasm and passion for making connections, they used their experience working for a multinational company to build a socially-good network. As a values-based organization, they hold themselves to the highest ethical standards, to ensure the well-being of animals and the environment.

Working with younger generations, Intern Africa uses their expansive knowledge to share and offer exciting life experiences that enrich lives.