Elephant Conservation Thailand

Elephant Conservation Thailand

Walk Among Giants With These Elephant Conservation Trips

Elephants are some of the most charismatic animals on the planet, and the elephant tourism trade is hugely popular in Thailand. It’s our mission to do it better. By joining an Elephant Conservation program in Thailand, you can make a massive difference to the lives and conditions these elephants are living in, to ensure that future generations will have the chance to experience them.

Finding the right Elephant Conservation program is difficult. There are tons of options available online, but how do you know they are really doing what they say they are doing? That’s where we come in!

SEEtheWILD works solely with partners who operate responsibly and ethically. The partners we work with who offer Elephant Conservation programs in Thailand work in the best sanctuaries around the country, so you can be sure that your hard earned money is being used for good!

When is the best time to join an Elephant Conservation Program in Thailand?

The great thing about Thailand is that you can travel all year. The most favorable time of the year weather-wise is between November and April when it is cooler and drier. That said, conservation projects are available all year long with several of our partners, which makes it super flexible for you!

In Northern Thailand, November to February is the coolest and driest season and is the time of year that many festivals are held. March to May is a great time of year to find deals to Thailand, and volunteers on conservation projects should be prepared for higher temperatures and humidity. June to October is a temperate time of year to visit the North but can boast heavy rains, so travelers should be well prepared for that.

In Southern Thailand, November to March is the busiest and best time for weather. December to March are the cooler months to participate in Elephant Conservation. If you’re okay with the heat, consider traveling from March to May when you’re likely to find great deals on flights and any pre and post accommodation you require. May to October are the rainy months and volunteers should dress appropriately for outdoor work.

Our partners have a number of exciting programs for you to choose from, with different experiences for you, the volunteer. They’ve all taken the KEEPitWILD Pledge, which shows their commitment to keeping wildlife wild, and sticking to very important wildlife interaction guidelines. The programs ensure that elephants are treated well, free from the burden of carrying tourists and living a life of dignity.

Elephant Conservation Thailand