Dog Rescue in Nepal

Dog Rescue in Nepal

Price From: 2,260 CAD


Operator: Animal Experience International

Price From:  2,260 CAD

Ideal Age Range: 19 to 30, 31 to 50, Over 51

Fitness Needs: Light Impact

Program duration: 2 weeks

With more than 20,000 stray dogs in Kathmandu alone, the need for solutions to overpopulation, rabies transmission and dog bites is strong.

As part of a successful spay, neuter and vaccination program with Animal Experience International, volunteers can make a difference through various duties. Work with local communities to provide education on stray animals and rabies, assist in the care and rehabilitation of rescued dogs, and more.

Choose from two locations in Nepal: Kathmandu or Bhaktapur.





Volunteers are involved in all aspects of the program. Exact volunteer duties will depend on your background, interests, and academic and clinical training. This will be discussed with you on arrival, and your schedule and duties will be customized to meet your skills and expectations. You do not need veterinary experience to volunteer. Volunteers help with feeding the dogs, cleaning, grooming, and bathing the dogs at the shelter, exercising and walking the dogs and assisting the team in other activities. Volunteers with veterinary training will have the opportunity to assist in the clinic, including helping with case management, diagnostics and surgeries as appropriate.

Volunteers have one day off per week. You can choose your day off between Sunday to Friday. Everyone works on Saturday, one of the busiest days.  Shifts are from  9:00 am – 6:00 pm, with a 2-hour break for lunch.

Country Fast Facts

Country Fast Facts


Flag Flag_of_Nepal.svg
Continent: Asia
Official Language(s) Nepali
Capital: Kathmandu
Population 26,494,504 (2011 census)
Climate(s) Humid Subtropical
Major Airport(s): Tribhuvan International Airport (KTM)
Economic Driver(s): Import/Export, Tourism, Resources



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