Diving to Save the Ocean in Malaysia

Diving to Save the Ocean in Malaysia

Price From: 598 GBP


Operator: Ecoteer

Price From:  598 GBP

Ideal Age Range: 19 to 30, 31 to 50, Over 51

Fitness Needs: Moderately Fit

Welcome to the Perhentian Marine Research Station (PMRS)! Located on the southeast side of Perhentian Kecil, you’ll enjoy spending your time in the local village Kampung Pasir Hantu. 

The PMRS team conducts research that aids in protecting the island’s coral reefs and seagrass beds, with the aim of saving the ocean. They work with the Marine Parks Department and Reef Check Malaysia to collect important data using the mapping and health assessments of local seagrass beds and coral reefs. 

Each year, the group evaluates the work and what needs to be focused on in the coming year. In 2019, the program will be restructured to focus on two main things. The first will be surrounding seasonal seagrass research. The second will be on general marine conservation which includes reef cleanups, species ID, and maintaining a coral nursery. 

As a volunteer at this program, the minimum stay depends on your PADI certification. If you are certified, you may stay a minimum of 1 week. If you are not certified, the minimum stay is 2 weeks to incorporate the training. 

You will live in the village, completely immersed in the rich Malay culture. This is an exciting way to enjoy your experience, a far cry from a typical tourist experience. Enjoy local food, meeting local people, and working with local communities and businesses. 




Qualified Divers

Qualified Divers may join this program for 1 week or more. 

If you are a qualified diver:

Arrive on a Monday

Enjoy 8 dives: 

  • 2 coral nursery dives
  • 2 turtle photo ID dives
  • 2 shark photo ID dives
  • 2 other dives - depending on what needs to be done - could be reef clean ups, bouyline maintenance, clearing fish traps, or deploying coral nurseries. 
  • 2 beach clean ups

Unqualified Divers

Unqualified divers may join this program for 2 weeks or more. 

If you are an unqualified diver:

Arrive on a Monday and complete a dive course including 1 extra buoyancy dive and 1 fun dive. 

After the first week, you will contribute to research training and surveys as listed above.


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