Wildlife & Cultural Tours

Wildlife & Cultural Tours

Top wildlife plus cultural tours

Wildlife tours exist in many forms, be it by cruise ship, bus, etc. Some of the best wildlife tours also include cultural immersion or an amount of time getting to know the local communities. A culture and wildlife tour should give you a healthy dose of both time-out in nature discovering the native flora and fauna, as well as time to explore what life is like living in these destinations. Because that is what builds lasting travel memories and fuels the travel bug in all of us!

Wildlife plus cultural tours encourage us to learn about others, and in turn, leave us with impactful lessons and meaningful self-discovery. These tours show us that life can be enjoyed with few material things and that the existence of wildlife that inhabits these places depends wholly on our footprint. Through responsible tourism, we can choose to support organizations and tour companies that fight for the rights of local communities, nature, and wildlife.

Experiences you can have on a culture & wildlife tour:

Remote village homestays and a tiger sanctuary in India

This is a wonderful opportunity to unplug and recharge in India. This culture and wildlife group tour takes you to remote villages in Wayanad and Nilgiri to learn about and live amongst a local community. You will get to know their customs, traditions, food, and so much more. You’ll also enjoy a wonderful visit to a wildlife park and tiger sanctuary over the course of your visit.

This 7-day tour with Nativefolks is thoughtfully curated to showcase a wonderful culture and show you the road less traveled. Experiences like this are truly transformative.

Stay with the Kichwa community in the Ecuadorian Amazon jungle

In the Ecuadorian Amazon lives a community of people who are dedicated to protecting the land that surrounds them. The Kichwa community has inhabited this part of the Amazon for centuries, and have tirelessly worked to protect the environment, as well as their languages, customs, and traditions. This wonderful opportunity welcomes you to the community to experience a full cultural immersion. You will have the chance to learn about the important roles of plants and animals in their daily lives, including the medicinal uses of local plant life.

Over the course of this 10-day excellent tour, you’ll visit artisan markets, Andean villages, a turquoise lagoon, towering waterfalls, enormous old-growth trees, and much more. Experience a traditional dinner in the Sarayaku community, soak in a hot spring, and enjoy lunch on the banks of the Bobonaza River. Join Original Routes on this powerful journey in the Amazon.

Learn about Indigenous history in Australia’s Northern Territory

Spend six days in Australia’s Northern Territory where you’ll explore landscapes home to a plethora of wildlife species, as well as a rich history. Indigenous people in Australia have inhabited this beautiful part of Australia for thousands of years, and have left behind some of the oldest art in the world along walls of sandstone.

Explore the tropical outback, exploring nature at its finest through walks and excursions. You’ll see the Nourlangie Rock Art site, Nanguluwur Rock Art site, and much more. This trip will surely give you a whole new appreciation for the vast history that sweeps this territory.

Along the way, watch for kangaroos, dingoes, crocodiles, a variety of bird species, and more. Check out the small-group full itinerary with Echidna Walkabout tours.

Explore a Ugandan village before embarking on a gorilla trek

Uganda is known as the “Pearl of Africa” due to its brilliant array of animal and plant life. It is no wonder why, the landscapes are truly wonderful and while on a wildlife tour you can marvel at the abundance surrounding you. This culture and wildlife tour will take you to explore a village and native communities of Bwindi Impenetrable Forest before embarking on a life-changing trek.

As you hike through the forest, you’ll be fascinated by the surrounding views, but nothing can prepare you for the moment you first encounter a gorilla. The sheer size of them, their soulful eyes that gaze back into yours, it is sure to be one of the most formidable moments of your life.

Join Rafiki Safaris on this 9-day adventure and enjoy a cultural immersion unlike any other.

Herd reindeer alongside Inuit and Sami herders in Canada’s Arctic

On Dasher, on Dancer, on Prancer and Vixen...here is your opportunity to learn if reindeer really do know how to fly! Most travelers visit Canada’s Arctic in search of polar bears or other iconic arctic wildlife. But did you know that Canada is also home to an enormous herd of reindeer and that you could have the experience of herding them?

Alongside Inuit and Sami herders, you will have the thrilling experience of crossing the Arctic terrain on your own snowmobile. You will learn about the history of herding in the region and get to know the way of life of the North. Time will seem to stand still as night falls and the sun shines. Delight in the local cuisines and cultural activities planned for you during this authentic experience.

Join Tundra North Tours on this 4-day Arctic adventure that will have you planning your return!

Give back to a local community and enjoy wildlife safaris on a faith-based tour in Tanzania

This family-friendly, faith-based wildlife and culture tour is a wonderful way to bring your family closer together, as well as to learn about the way of life of many in Tanzania. You will give back to a local community while having the chance to observe the natural beauty of the country.

On safari days you will see iconic African wildlife including zebras, giraffes, elephants, lions, cheetahs, and more. You’ll visit three of the best game parks in the country with experienced guides.

Your tour also includes visits to local museums, community libraries, and a coffee plantation. Part of your community immersion will allow you to learn about the cultures of Tanzanian people, including the Chagga and Maasai.

Spend 11-days exploring Tanzania’s wildlife and its rich culture with TourMagination.

Wildlife & Cultural Tours