Conservian started as a 501(c)3 organization with a passion to protect and conserve Earth and its creatures. Through the organization, Conservian was able to create their Coastal Bird Conservation program, which enables volunteers to participate in science-based conservation to help conserve the most threatened coastal birds. 

Conservian partners with federal and state wildlife agencies, non-governmental organizations, military bases, and private property owners. Together, they work to: 

  • Observe and survey coastal bird populations
  • Enhance and put into action conservation efforts
  • Conduct research to determine conservation needs
  • Offer training programs and materials
  • Create conservation plans and management guidelines
  • Provide assistance on restoration projects

Some of their accomplishments include producing the Wilson’s Plover Range-wide Species Conservation Plan for the Western Hemisphere Shorebird Reserve Network and Manomet Center for Conservation Sciences. In addition to that, Conservian establishes protection programs on Federal, State and Private lands. 

We love that with Conservian, travelers and prospective volunteers have a chance to make a real impact on long-term conservation programs. If you’re looking to travel to the Bahamas, consider participating in the Conservian Coastal Bird Conservation program.