Coastal Bird Conservation in the Bahamas

Coastal Bird Conservation in the Bahamas

Price From: 1,350 USD


Operator: Conservian

Price From:  1,350 USD

Ideal Age Range: 19 to 30, 31 to 50, Over 51

Fitness Needs: Light Impact

Program duration: 7 days

As a bird lover, you’re looking for the perfect way to give back and help protect bird populations. Why not do it while enjoying a beautiful tropical vacation?

Here is your answer, a 7-day volunteer program with amazing opportunities to participate in various roles that all work towards the same goal: protecting birds!

During your work days, you’ll take part in data collection, surveys, environmental and habitat conservation, research and more. The information you collect will be part of implementing the protective measures needed in the locations they are needed. This collaboration, your contribution, makes this work a reality and is extremely important. 

During your free time, take some time to enjoy the warm tropical weather. Go snorkeling in the clear blue sea, watching for sea life which appear in a rainbow of color. Take a dip in the warm turquoise waters, relax on the white-sand beaches and listen to the soft sounds of waves rolling in. 

Liveaboard a 75-foot research schooner for the week as you explore the uninhabited islands, picture-perfect beaches and revel in the unlimited photo opportunities. 



Trip 1: May 6-13 | Joulter Cays National Park


Today you'll arrive at Nassau International Airport. Please arrive no later than 4 pm in order to be transported to the schooner research vessel. 

This afternoon the schooner will sail to North Andros / Morgan's Bluff. 

Monday & Tuesday: 

Enjoy a visit to Joulter National Park. You'll enjoy opportunities to observe and take shorebird surveys, and participate in invasive Casuarina control with local volunteers. 

Wednesday - Friday: 

Over the next few days, you'll spend time at North Andros. Continue with in-depth shorebird surveys. Enjoy leisure time during the late afternoons and evenings. 


If the weather permits, today you'll have the chance to take a snorkel trip! Watch for all sorts of sealife in the crystal clear waters! Enjoy taking more surveys of the bird life along the coast. 
Tonight, pack up for departure tomorrow. 


Today is departure day. Say bye-for-now to your new found friends and transfer to the airport. Departures should be after 8 am.


Trip 2: May 13-20 | Northern Exumas


Today you'll arrive at Nassau Internation Airport. Please arrive no later than 4 pm in order to be transported to the schooner research vessel. 

This afternoon the schooner will set sail to the Northern Exumas. 

Monday - Friday: 

Your week will consist of a variety of activities. Enjoy taking part in shorebird surveys, posting and signing to protect nesting sites in the Exumas Land and Sea National Park. You'll also have opportunities to work with the Bahamas National Trust on control of invasive Casuarina. 


Today you have the chance to do more surveys, sailing trips, fishing and/or snorkeling at the reef if weather permits. Pack up for your departure tomorrow. 


Say goodbye to your new friends and take a transfer to the Nassau Internation airport. Departures should be after 8 am. 

Country Fast Facts

Country Fast Facts


Flag  Flag_of_the_Bahamas.svg
Continent: North America
Official Language(s) English
Capital: Nassau
Population 392,718 (2015 estimate)
Climate(s) Tropical Savannah
Major Airport(s): Lynden Pindling International Airport(NAS), Grand Bahama International Airport (FPO)
Economic Driver(s): Tourism, Offshore Banking



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