Canadian Arctic Reindeer Signature Package

Canadian Arctic Reindeer Signature Package

Price From: 5,200 CAD


Operator: Tundra North Tours

Price From:  5,200 CAD

Fitness Needs: Moderately Fit

Program duration: 4 days

Trip Dates: 31-01-2019,07-02-2019,14-02-2019,21-02-2019,28-02-2019,07-03-2019,14-03-2019,21-03-2019,28-03-2019,04-04-2019,11-04-2019

A truly unique experience! Discover Canada’s Great North and only Reindeer herd, while herding alongside traditional Inuit and Sami herders. Enjoy the stunning landscapes, awe-inspiring Northern Lights, while taking in the culture of this beautiful arctic region.

Travellers will have the chance to take professional level photos in one of the most picturesque destinations in North America. This small group tour is perfect for those looking for an authentic and rich adventure.






Day 1:

Arrive by airplane to Inuvik, where your guides will greet you and drive you down the famous Mackenzie Ice Road to your basecamp! Once arrived at the basecamp you’ll drop-off your luggage, enjoy some warm drinks and receive a quick lesson with the snowmobiles on the Ice Road. When everyone is comfortable on their snowmobiles and ready for adventure, we’ll head out towards the reindeer herd. Enjoying an hour-long snowmobile adventure through the Arctic Tundra, you’ll experience the vastness of this unique landscape and then arrive into a whole new level of epic, as you suddenly find yourself among 3000+ grazing reindeer, deep in the snow-covered hills! Here you will receive the first part of your herding experience in the Arctic, while you’re immersed in this surreal situation and the many awe-striking photo opportunities available to you before returning back to the basecamp. Now you can relax, enjoy great food, explore the area, check out the igloo, and just take in the scenery that surrounds you here in your Arctic ‘home’ for the next 3 days. Another surreal photo opportunity awaits with the potential of nature’s night-show; The Aurora Borealis! *Bring your ice skates with you, and skate on the Mackenzie Ice Road with the chance of skating under the Aurora!

Day 2:

Wake up to the warmth of Northern Hospitality. Coffee, tea, and breakfast are served and a new day of life in the Arctic Tundra awaits! After breakfast the group will get ready to depart for a full-day adventure with the Inuvialuit, herding Arctic reindeer across the expanse of Tundra. What’s stronger than a cup of coffee? A fresh, morning snowmobile-ride through remote Tundra will have you energized and ready to meet the herders, learn their techniques passed on for generations, and then off you’ll go too! Lunch and warm drinks will be served in a warm, heated-tent, and you’ll also get breaks during the day. After your full day of herding reindeer -yes, you did that and have the photos to prove it- the group will return back to basecamp for another evening filled with great food, stories, photos, Inuvialuit games, and a big crackling campfire under the Aurora sky!

Day 3:

Wake up to warm breakfast, coffee and tea and get ready to depart on the Ice Road to Tuktoyaktuk, located on the Arctic Ocean! This is the last year that you’ll have the opportunity to drive on this Tuktoyaktuk Ice Road tour, travelling on the same road from the hit show Ice Road Truckers, and experiencing what it is like to travel by ice along the Mackenzie River and Arctic Ocean! We’ll be bringing packed lunches, and while in this place they call ‘Tuk’, you’ll experience what life is like in this isolated community, while learning about the people who also call it ‘home’. Your definition of ‘epic’ will expand again when you visit local sites like the famed Canadian Pingo Landmark. During your tour of Pingo National Landmark, your guide will explain how these surreal geographical land formations were made, as well as how the local Inuvialuit who live with this land as part of their daily existence, used them for lookouts and ice freezers! In this truly incredible third day of your authentic experience at the frozen Arctic Ocean, your guide will share stories about traveling on the ice, the way of life for Arctic hunters, and how the Inuvialuit people have survived for generations in such an extreme environment. A second-time around on the Ice Road will bring new sights, photo opportunities and continued tales of the North, as the group heads back to Inuvik!

Day 4:

As endless as the Arctic horizon-lines, so are your opportunities for new discoveries here! This is your free half-day to see the town, chat with locals, purchase unique local souvenirs, and find your own Arctic adventure! Perhaps you’ll capture some photos with the famed ‘Igloo Church’ or experience the largest, most northern greenhouse in the world? Whatever the day holds, it’s yours to search for and find before you head to The Mackenzie Hotel where we’ll meet you and take you to the airport for your departing flight. Though it’s time to say goodbye to your guides, board the plane and climb into the sky, looking out over the wild North just remember: You may be leaving the Arctic, but after this trip, the Arctic will never leave you!

Country Fast Facts

Country Fast Facts


Flag Flag_of_Canada
Continent: North America
Official Language(s) English, French
Capital: Ottawa
Population 36,048,521 (2016 estimate)
Climate(s) Arctic, Sub-arctic, Semi-Arid Desert, Temperate Rainforest, Humid Continental
Major Airport(s): Lester B. Peason International Airport (YYZ), Vancouver International Airport (YVR), Pierre Elliott Trudeau International Airport (YUL), Calgary International Airport (YYC)
Economic Driver(s): Fossil Fuels, Mining, Manufacturing, Agriculture

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