Brazilian Amazon Cruise Adventure

Brazilian Amazon Cruise Adventure

Price From: 2,799 USD


Operator: Katerre

Price From:  2,799 USD

Ideal Age Range: Suitable for Children (under 15), High School (15 to 18), 19 to 30, 31 to 50, Over 51

Fitness Needs: Light Impact

Program duration: 7 days

Trip Dates: 21-12-2018,16-02-2019,09-03-2019,16-03-2019,30-03-2019,13-04-2019,20-04-2019,29-06-2019,03-08-2019,10-08-2019,17-08-2019

Here is an exciting opportunity to explore the Brazilian Amazon, its culture and plants and animals. Tucked into the state of Amazonas, start the trip off in the gorgeous city of Manaus. The city is home to a rich culture, and vast history. 

After, jump aboard the beautiful riverboat and discover an Amazon that is less traveled by other tourists. Join experts on the cruise and enjoy a variety of fun, family-friendly, animal-friendly activities. These activities are suitable for kids and adults of any age. You’ll enjoy many opportunities to immerse yourselves in the local communities, creating a full-bodied travel experience and memories for your kids for years to come!

Here are a few of the exciting experiences that are in store for you: 

  • Enjoy hikes through the rainforest, learning about the different plants and animals that call it home.
  • Swim alongside pink river dolphins in an incredible once-in-a-lifetime experience.
  • At night, watch for caiman as they stealthily lurk in the dark river waters.  
  • Paddleboard along the gentle waters of the Rio Negro
  • Explore the stunning waterfalls of Jau National Park
  • Visit and immerse in the culture of local communities along the Rio Negro. 

Discover the Brazilian Amazon, learn about responsible tourism, and how to travel in a way that is beneficial not only to you, but to the local community, the environment, and the local plants and animals. This family adventure is crafted with the idea in mind of creating conscious, self-aware and globally-aware citizens. 




Day 1: Depart from Manaus

Welcome to Brazil! After arriving at the Manaus Airport, you'll be picked up and dropped off at Casa Teatro, right in the heart of the Amazonian city, Manaus.  

If you arrive early enough in the day, you may be able to take a guided visit of the beautiful Amazon Theater which is just around the corner of the hotel. Built in the late 1800s, during the rubber boom, the theater offers guided tours (not included.)

Tonight, we enjoy dinner at Caxiri, for some local and tasty treats. 

Day 2: Manaus - Novo Airao - Anavilhanas


Wake up early this morning. Around 8:30 you'll be picked up from the hotel and taken to the riverside town of Novo Airão.  You'll arrive in the early afternoon, and receive a briefing on the Amazon's history, biology and the things you may have a chance to see. 

Later, you'll board the Jacaré-Açu, and start sailing through the spectacular Anavilhanas Archipelago and enjoy lunch on the boat. 

This afternoon, take a ride on a motorized canoe through the island and lagoons of the archipelago. This is an area rich in wildlife, and you may see two species of river dolphin, as well as multiple species of birds, such as herons, egrets, macaws, parrots, caciques, oropendolas and jacamars.


After, return to the boat and set sail to Madadá observatory, an incredible lookout over the Rio Negro. 

After enjoying dinner on board, you can choose if you want to spend the night in your cabin or in a hammock at the Observatory. 

Day 3: Anavilhanas - Madada Caves


After a delicious breakfast, enjoy a 3-hour hiking trip through the rainforest to the Madadá Caves, where you'll receive a mini jungle survival course. A shorter option is available for parents with younger children.


Later, visit an Amazon farmhouse to learn about farming techniques, crops and local culture.

In the late morning, you may have a chance to cool off with a dip in the Rio Negro. After lunch on board, set sail toward Jau National Park area and try your hand at piranha fishing before sunset. Once back on the boat you'll sail to Sleepy Beach where you'll anchor for the night and enjoy dinner. Fall asleep to the sounds of the Amazon.  

Day 4: Jau National Park


Today you'll sail to the Jaú National Park Ranger Station, and then along the Rio Jaú, a river of reflecting waters, with possible sightings of aquatic mammals and birds. The Park contains three major rivers - Unini to the North, Carabinani to the South and Jau in the middle - along with countless smaller black water tributaries. The water level varies drastically during the course of the year and the igapó forest found near the waterways can be flooded for up to eight months of the year. This type of forest is tropical and humid, with as many as 200 species per hectare.

Activities today include a hike to the Samaúma, the biggest tree on the Rio Negro, which can grow to be over 50 meters tall. For many children, a face-to-face meeting with this “Queen of the Forest” is among their favorite trip highlights.

In the rainy season, you'll anchor the boat and take the canoes through the Park’s creeks, looking for families of Giant Otters. In the dry season, explore the Rio Pauini, a tributary filled with boulders and waterfalls.

 On return to the Jacaré-Açu, sail to the indigenous community of Cachoeira where you'll dock for the evening. After dark, go looking for caiman and nocturnal animals in the canoes, using spotlights. 

Day 5: Jau National Park


After breakfast, visit the Cacheira community where you'll learn more about the traditional life in the Amazon, as well as local projects. The children of the village are extremely happy to interact with travelers, so be ready to get involved in swimming or a game of soccer. 

As a group, you'll bring school supplies, learn about their current challenges and find out about their existing projects (more info will be provided on what to bring and how you can help).


Once back on the boat, you'll have lunch on board before sailing out of Jaú National Park. 

Day 6: Novo Airao - Mirante do Gaviao


As you come towards the end of your cruise, you'll sail from Jaú to Novo Airão. Along the way, you may have the once in a lifetime chance to swim with Pink River Dolphins.

Once back in Novo Airão, it is time to leave the Jacaré-Açu and check into the beautiful Mirante do Gaviao lodge for some pampering and relaxation.


After lunch, take a city tour to see the ship-building, the craftsmanship, and other attractions of this Amazon River town, followed by a special workshop at Almerinda Malaquias Foundation.


Enjoy the rest of your day lounging by the pool. In the evening, meet for a farewell dinner. 

Day 7: Novo Airao - Manaus


As you arrive back to Manaus for your departure day, an air-conditioned taxi/van will take you to the Manaus airport this morning.



A few things to note:

  • All cruise itineraries are subject to change due to seasonal weather conditions affecting access to locations. Navigation routes, times and excursions may need to be modified at the cruise captain's discretion.
  • Passengers should always be aware that animal sightings cannot be guaranteed due to the unpredictability of wildlife behavior. 



Country Fast Facts

Country Fast Facts


Flag  1280px-Flag_of_Brazil.svg
Continent: South America
Official Language(s) Portuguese
Capital: Brasilia
Population 205,338,000 (2015 estimate)
Climate(s) Tropical Rainforest, Monsoon, Equatorial, Warm Desert, Warm Semi-arid, Oceanic (Warm/Temperate), Subtropic Humid
Major Airport(s): Guarulhos International Airport (GRU), Galeao International Airport (GIG), Brasilia International Airport (BSB)
Economic Driver(s): Agriculture, Tourism, Manufacturing, Energy (Oil)



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