Best Elephant Tours in Thailand

Vancouver, BC | Posted: July 11th, 2018

Elephant Tours Thailand

Elephants are widely recognized as some of the most empathetic, charismatic animals on the planet. There is no doubt that we humans are drawn to elephants, their size, power, and grace makes us want to learn more about them. As more information about the treatment of elephants is made public, we have become more inclined to do something about it. Many now want to help those that can’t help themselves, and elephants are no exception.

What makes elephants so relatable has a lot to do with their expression of emotion. Elephants have been found to grieve after the passing of a member of their herd, which is one reason volunteers around the world flock to join elephant conservation projects in Thailand and other destinations.

If you’re looking for the perfect opportunity to make a difference in the lives of elephants, whether you have just a short time, or can dedicate several weeks or months, we can help! SEEtheWILD works with a number of organizations who can help you make the most of the time you are able to spend. Here are a handful of elephant tours in Thailand with a conservation outcome.

Elephant Village in Thailand – Love Volunteers

On an elephant tour in Surin, Thailand

Located in Surin, Thailand, volunteers have the opportunity to provide proper care to these gentle giants, along with other activities. As former captive elephants, these animals have been subject to past abuse, neglect, and hard labor throughout their lives. After logging was made illegal, elephants were primarily used to provide entertainment and photo opportunities to tourists, in order for their mahouts to care for them. Through volunteering in this program, you are making a contribution to the proper care of elephants and helping to provide education and finance to keep elephants out of harmful activities in the tourism industry.

Wildlife Sanctuary in Thailand – Oyster Worldwide

On an elephant tour outside Bangkok

Located on temple grounds near Cha Am and Hua Hin (several hours outside Bangkok) this wildlife sanctuary is home to numerous species of wildlife who are being rehabilitated and cared for, including elephants. As a volunteer at this program, you would be required to volunteer for 1 week at the wildlife sanctuary, after which you can join a 1 week or longer program at the elephant refuge.

Time spent on this program counts for your Gold Duke of Edinburgh’s award. The location is beautiful, and the activities you partake in are rewarding! You’ll volunteer with providing food and enrichment, cleaning and maintenance, bathing and exercising, all of which are important duties in the care of all wildlife.

Volunteer with Elephants in Thailand – Global Village International (GVI)

On an elephant tour and internship near Chiang Mai Thailand

Further North in Chiang Mai sits an elephant sanctuary that works towards reintroducing elephants to their natural habitats. Part of providing great care is learning about elephant history, behavior, social interactions, and more, which is all part of this program. As a volunteer, you will learn about all aspects of effective elephant care and rehabilitation after often traumatizing pasts. You will work with the local community, mahouts, and other volunteers to successfully complete your placement.

This program is available for durations of 1-24 weeks, and is best enjoyed for durations of 2 or more weeks! You may also check out their Elephant Conservation Internship, in order to better hone your skills and work towards a possible career change!

So, whether you are looking for a short-term program or looking at making a change to your career and to get started in animal conservation, we have a solution for you! Make sure to check out all of our Elephant Conservation programs in Thailand!



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