Australian Wildlife Tour – Wild Top End

Australian Wildlife Tour – Wild Top End

Price From: 2,600 USD


Operator: Echidna Walkabout

Price From:  2,600 USD

Ideal Age Range: Suitable for Children (under 15), High School (15 to 18), 19 to 30, 31 to 50, Over 51

Fitness Needs: Light Impact

Program duration: 6 days

Trip Dates: 20-08-2018,30-08-2018,19-08-2019,29-08-2019

Travel to Australia’s Northern Territory and explore some of the world’s most beautiful landscapes, and the home to thousands of wildlife species. The area is rich with wildlife and natural wonders, as well as a rich indigenous history. Over the course of your tour, you’ll explore some of the oldest art in the world along sandstone walls. 

You’ll start your journey in Darwin, where you’ll head east to the tropical outback. Along the way, you’ll stop at numerous beautiful locations including the infamous Fogg Dam. Enjoy nature walks in the Kakadu National Park. 

In the Nourlangie region, you’ll have a chance to explore the magnificent Arnhem Land escarpment and the Nourlangie Rock Art site. In addition to these important sites, you’ll have an opportunity to discover the Nanguluwur Rock Art site and Anbangbang Billabong. 

Other wonderful highlights on this tour include: 

  • A visit to one of the most beautiful sites in Kakadu, Ubirr. 
  • Bardedjilidji Sandstone Walk 
  • Iligadjarr Wetlands discovery
  • Staying in a wilderness lodge beside the Mary River National Park 
  • Wildlife sightings, including Antilopine Kangaroo, Black Kangaroo, Dingoes, Pythons, Various Bird Species, Crocodiles and more!

This exciting 6-day itinerary is fantastic for families and will not only captivate your imagination, but it will also give you a whole new understanding of Australia, its depth of culture, and abundance of wildlife great and small! 




Day 1: Darwin to Kakadu

Your tour starts right away with an early morning pickup from your accommodation in Darwin. You'll head eastwards to the tropical outback. 

Along the way, you'll stop at beautiful locations such as Fogg Dam, where you'll walk into a monsoon forest and see a wonderful array of birdlife. Then, you'll arrive at the powerful Mary River, where you'll have lunch and possibly see a crocodile!

You will then enter Kakadu National Park and stop at Mamukala Wetland. Take a walk and explore this beautiful park. You'll stay the next 3 nights in Jabiru. 

Day 2: Nourlangie Kakadu

Today you can look forward to learning more about Aboriginal Heritage, and witness black kangaroos and red-winged parrots in their natural habitats. 

You'll visit a number of places including the Nanguluwur Rock Art site, Anbangbang Billabong and Nourlangie Rock Art site. Nourlangie has some of the most powerful Aboriginal paintings in Australia. 

After a picnic lunch, you'll head back to Anbinik for a rest, as this is the hottest time of the day. Later you'll head back out to the bush to watch the sunset from Nawurlandja lookout. You may even be able to view the spectacular sight of thousands of fruit bats as they take wing at dusk. 

Day 3: Tropical Rivers

You will have the opportunity to visit Ubirr today. Many people that have visited, have regarded it as the most beautiful place in Kakadu with some of the most stunning landscapes on Earth. 

Ubirr is special. Near the tidal section of the East Alligator River  bounds the sprawling Aboriginal lands. On the Kakadu side, there is a variety of activities for you to choose from including light walks along the river, beautiful views of elaborate Aboriginal Rock Art sites or climb to the top of Ubirr Rock and witness the incredible views. 

You will also take the Bardedjilidji Sandstone walk where you'll explore some of Kakadu's most remarkable geological formations where you'll learn how the Escarpment formed millions of years ago. 

As the day heats up, you'll return to Jabiru where you can take a refreshing swim in the pool or a rest, before you visit Iligadjarr Wetlands where you will enjoy a walk in the tropical savannah along a freshwater floodplain. 


Day 4: Northern Territory Wildlife Tour

Today you will travel west and out of Kakadu to Point Stuart Wilderness Lodge beside the Mary River National Park. 

Along the way you'll stop at some pretty special places that are visited by few tourists, but extremely beautiful. You may see dingoes or even the Antilopine Kangaroo. You'll finish at Point Stuart Wilderness Lodge, cool off in the pool, and take a walk through the Jimmy Creek rainforest beside the lodge. 

You'll also see a huge nesting mound of orange-footed scrub fowl - a bird that builds nests up to 3 metres high! The grounds of the lodge are home to an abundance of wildlife, so enjoy the sightings right in your backyard!

This afternoon, experience the magic of Top End with a driving and walking tour beside two magnificent billabongs in the bush on the Opium Creek Private reserve. 

Day 5: Mary River National Park

Mary River is known for its abundance of wildlife including the largest crocodiles in the world. 

You may see the Freshwater Crocodile which generally shies away from humans, or, you may see the Estuarine Crocodile which can be unpredictable. They are incredible to see, if seen from a respectful distance. 

The location is remote, surrounded by a variety of wildlife species, and enjoy the sunset over the waters of the Mary River. 

Day 6: The Wonders of Bird Billabong - Point Stuart to Darwin

After an early breakfast, you will head to the bush before sunrise and your last walk at Bird Billabong in the Mary River National Park. 

The large wetland is nestled beside Mt. Bundy Range, an ancient granite outcrop in the middle of the Mary River catchment. Thousands of birds move across the waters in huge skeins. The savannah is home to hundreds of wallabies that appear along the way. Raptors regularly visit, searching for prey. 

This is certainly a highlight of the Top End. Enjoy it before heading home or on to your next destination. 

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