Arctic Floe Edge Safari

Arctic Floe Edge Safari


Program duration: 8 days

Starting and finishing the journey in the picture perfect town of Pond Inlet, you’ll have the chance to see the unique narwhal up close as they rest and feed. The area is home to an incredible array of wildlife, such as polar bears, seals, as well as other species of whales. Join snorkelling expeditions where you’ll come face to face with bearded seals, ring seals,  beluga whales and narwhals!


Country Fast Facts

Country Fast Facts


Flag Flag_of_Canada
Continent: North America
Official Language(s) English, French
Capital: Ottawa
Population 36,048,521 (2016 estimate)
Climate(s) Arctic, Sub-arctic, Semi-Arid Desert, Temperate Rainforest, Humid Continental
Major Airport(s): Lester B. Peason International Airport (YYZ), Vancouver International Airport (YVR), Pierre Elliott Trudeau International Airport (YUL), Calgary International Airport (YYC)
Economic Driver(s): Fossil Fuels, Mining, Manufacturing, Agriculture



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