Animal Sanctuary in Argentina

Animal Sanctuary in Argentina

Price From: 519 USD


Operator: Love Volunteers

Price From:  519 USD

Program duration: 1 week

Journey to Buenos Aires and volunteer at an animal rescue shelter and sanctuary that takes in neglected, exploited and abused animals. Enjoy the chance to meet and connect with other volunteers that are passionate about animals and the proper care of them. Basic Spanish is required, but Spanish lessons are available at an additional cost.




What to expect:

To keep the shelter operational, day after day, year-round, is a big task in itself, hence the assistance provided by volunteers forms an integral part of the operational plan. There is much to be done each day, and volunteers can expect to participate in a number of tasks, including but not limited to: Raking and yard work – keeping all pathways clear & presentable Sorting & assisting with feeding as required Feeding out to the animals Cleaning the animal shelters Collecting cow manure Working in the organic garden Fixing fences and other infrastructure Playing with and walking the dogs Brushing the animals As a volunteer on this project you can learn so much on the job and your hosts, both expert animal caretakers, will be happy to share their animal care wisdom. This is a wonderful program to immerse yourself in the culture and way of life in Argentina while helping rescued animals!

Country Fast Facts

Country Fast Facts


Flag  Flag_of_Argentina.svg
Continent: South America
Official Language(s) Spanish
Capital: Buenos Aires
Population 43,417,000 (2015 estimate)
Climate(s) Desert (Warm/Cold), Semi-arid (Warm/Cold), Mediterranean, Oceanic (Warm/Temperate/Cool), Tundra, Humid Subtropical
Major Airport(s): Ezeiza International Airport (EZE), Malvinas Argentinas International Airport (USH)
Economic Driver(s): Agriculture, Industry, Tourism, Energy, Foreign Trade/Investment.



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