Amazon Riverboat Exploration

Amazon Riverboat Exploration

Price From: 2,575 USD


Operator: Earthwatch

Price From:  2,575 USD

Program duration: 15 days

Trip Dates: 01-01-2017

Enter the seemingly untouched waterways and flooded rainforest of the Amazon basin in northeastern Peru and help Earthwatch to research the rare species that roam the area. EarthWatch is working with the local Cocama people that live near the Samiria River Basin to develop conservation plans that help sustain the local population and the delicate ecosystems and wildlife.

You will meet with Cocama people and explore the river basin and flooded forest in an effort to collect data on the abundant wildlife population living in the Pacaya-Samiria National Reserve. While cruising on the ship keep a look out for giant river otters, caiman, and pink river dolphins. While on land you will see monkeys, hundreds of birds, and even manatees swimming in the lakes of the Samiria.


Photo Credit: Earthwatch, Pablo Puertas, Mary Rowe



Day 1:

Meet in Iquitos and stay overnight at the Casa Morey

Days 2-6:

Travel to Nauta and board riverboat; Begin navigating the Amazon Daily activity includes: Dolphin Census: As you boat along with the current, you'll spot, count, and identify the species of individual pink river dolphins and grey dolphins. Terrestrial Transect Macaw Monitoring:From a boat, observe and count these colorful birds at 500-meter intervals. Fishing Census: The fish practically jump out of the water onto the team's hand-made rods and nets. Measure, weigh, and identify the species of everything you catch. Caiman Tracking: Take to the river at night to find these smaller relatives of the alligator. The team will locate caimans by shining headlights that reflect back when they catch their eyes. You'll safely capture, measure, and release any caimans you catch.

Days 7-8:

Visit local Cocama community along the river; navigate back to Nauta, and return to Iquitos

Country Fast Facts

Country Fast Facts


Flag  Flag_of_Peru.svg
Continent: South America
Official Language(s) Spanish, Quechua, Aymara
Capital: Lima
Population 31,141,643 (2015 estimate)
Climate(s) Eqautorial, Monsoon, Tropical Savanna, Desert (Warm/Cold), Semi-arid (Warm/Cold), Subtropical oceanic, Temperate oceanic.
Major Airport(s): Jorge Chavez International Airport (LIM), Alejandro Velasco Astete International Airport (CUZ), Rodriguez Ballon International Airport (AQP)
Economic Driver(s): Agriculture, Manufacturing, Extraction, Tourism



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