5 Ways to Have a Greener Fourth of July

Vancouver, BC | Posted: July 3rd, 2018

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Independence Day is ahead of us tomorrow, and we love to celebrate as much as anyone else! From backyard cook-outs with family and friends to gatherings in the park, or heading out to celebrations in your hometown, the parties are fun and a great way to share your love for your homeland.   It seems, however, that the 4th of July celebrations always lead to an abundance of waste, which isn’t good for our planet, or our animal friends.

Looking to throw a greener celebration? We’ve got 5 great ideas to throw a little green into the red, white, and blue festivities.

Save Your Decorations for Next Year

Since most July 4th celebrations carry the theme of patriotism, save your paper decorations, flags, or anything else you can reuse for next year! You’ll save money and waste, and if you aren’t throwing a party next year, you can donate them to a family member or friend who could use them.

Use Large Containers for Water

Fill large bottles with water and keep them in your cooler! You can also purchase larger drink containers which can be used for events throughout the year and are a great way to cut out plastic water bottles. Encourage your guests to bring reusable water containers, and keep some reusable cups on hand. Add lots of ice and you can even add some fresh berries or cucumber to the water for a refreshing taste!

Invest in Reusable Party Ware

If you don’t have enough plates, cups, or cutlery on hand, encourage your guests to bring their own. Make your party straw-free or opt for reusable straws and purchase bamboo cutlery to cut plastic waste.

Use Propane to Grill

While many feel that charcoal produces a better taste for grilling, if you’re really feeling the eco-friendly party vibes, consider switching to a propane grill. Some studies have shown that propane produces nearly a third of the C02 than charcoal.


We understand that its difficult to avoid some waste when you’re having a party. There may be cans, bottles, and plastic to dispose of, so do your due diligence and recycle waste appropriately. Consider composting your food waste, and sorting your recycling. The Earth and animals will thank you!

Most importantly, be safe and have fun! We’re wishing you all a wonderful 4th of July!


Sarah Lafontaine

Sarah is an independent contractor with specialization in content writing and social media management for the travel industry. After many years as a travel agent, she switched gears to focus on promoting responsible travel through Holidays for Humanity. Sarah currently writes content for and manages social media for all Holidays for Humanity brands including SEEtheWILD, Trek Union and GoVoluntouring. When not working, Sarah can be found searching for her next travel destination or exploring Vancouver’s dog-friendly parks and trails with her dog, Otto. You can read more of Sarah's personal travels on her blog www.sarahseizetheworld.com


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