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Scotland Cruise – 6 nights of Wildlife

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The Isle of Mull is the heart of the Inner Hebrides and this is a magical Scottish islands cruise, which makes a circumnavigation of the […]

About Koalas The koala is native only to Australia and can be found on the nation’s eastern side from northern Queensland to Adelaide in South […]

Looking for a responsible wild animal safari? Are you looking for a wild animal safari that works proactively within their local communities, all the while […]

We get asked a lot, ‘Are Sea Turtles Endangered?’ Sadly, yes, sea turtles and endangered. For over 100 million years sea turtles have swum the […]

Protecting Sea Turtles Amongst Ancient Greece

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Travel and work with one of the most endangered species in the Mediterranean; live in a quiet area near a traditional fishing town; explore nearby […]

Dolphin Research and Conservation in Zanzibar, Tanzania

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Dolphins are a popular tourist attraction in Zanzibar, however, there are minimal regulations in place and few conservation initiatives, which places the species at risk. […]