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Journey to the Amazon

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This is an amazing opportunity to explore Ecuador’s Amazon. Over the 10-day journey, you will get to know a local community known for their dedication […]

Interesting Facts about Koalas and How You Can Help Most of us are familiar with koalas. Koalas are those cute, cuddly looking teddy bears found […]

Scientific name: Vombatus Ursinus Conservation status: Dependent on Species Average size28-47″ Weight:32-80lbs More about Wombats: Are you looking for wombat facts? Did you know wombats […]

Are bumblebees endangered in the USA? In 2017, bumblebees were intended to be added to the Endangered Species List, in the months that followed administrative in delays […]

Northern Uganda Wildlife Safari

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Travel to Northern Uganda and embark on a culture & wildlife safari unlike any other with Rafiki Safaris. This 12-day adventure takes you through the […]