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The Ultimate Kayak Tour

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Here’s a fantastic opportunity to join a top quality kayaking trip in the beautiful San Juan Islands. With opportunities to see Orca Whales breaching in […]

Endangered Species Project in South Africa

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Over the course of 2 weeks, you have the opportunity to learn about and take an active hand in endangered species conservation. Located in a […]

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African Wildlife & Community Project

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Welcome to Africa! Here is your chance to be a big part of exciting wildlife conservation projects that work with animals. The program is spread […]

Pre-Vet Project in South Africa

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Here’s an exciting opportunity for animal lovers and those thinking of a veterinary career to experience real-life veterinary work. Working alongside trained professionals, volunteers will […]

Big 5 Wildlife Course in Cape Town

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Join an opportunity to make a difference to wildlife in South Africa. Prospective Conservationists, animal lovers, and nature enthusiasts have a chance to be an integral […]