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ASIAN ELEPHANT FACTS: Scientific name: Elephas Maximus Conservation Status: Endangered Lifespan: 60-80 years Mass: 2700-5400 kg Height: Between 2.4-2.75 m More About Asian Elephants: There […]

AFRICAN ELEPHANT FACTS Scientific name: Loxodonta Conservation Status: Vulnerable Lifespan: 60-70 years Mass: African Bush Elephant up to 6000 kg; African Forest Elephant up to […]

Elephant Conservation There are numerous ways to aid in elephant conservation in both Africa & Asia. You can assist in the following ways: Educating friends and […]

Elephant Threats What are the main elephant threats? The majority of elephant threats are due to human action. This includes the loss of natural habitat, […]

Elephant Facts Looking for elephant facts? We’ve got ’em! There are 3 recognized species of elephants – African, Asian and Forest. These species live in […]

Written by Lauren Yakiwchuk Animal Experience International, or AEI, is a B Corporation that connects volunteers with opportunities to help animals around the world. Established […]